Turgo Bastien Paint For Peace.

Turgo Bastien highlights an essential Component of Caribbean Culture - African he calls not directly from African but through a diasporacric Fusion of Memories. My Call from Africa is a Reverberation of Haiti. Trinidad. Brazil. New orleans... what I want to higlight is the Lines of continuities that still inform a memory in motion even as we sought new solutions to historical Problems...", Bastien belongs to no School but is yet immediately registerd because of the complexities, the elegance and spirituality he proposes. slices of memories and particular memories extracted From the messes are proposed as intimate monographs: this is the menner in which Turgo Recounts the histories of the origins. However one wants to interpret them. the Works of Turgo Bastien imprison our gaze by the depth and harmony emanating From Them.

Installation View : Contemporary African Diaspora Memory In Motion Nova Southeastern University Florida


Installation :At ArtAfrica Miami Arts Fair Art Basel


Time Is up.

Colorful Mural Into Vintage Little Haiti Building Miami Florida By Turgo Bastien

Steps of Life


AMikids:Mural by Turgo Bastien Miami Fl.2016

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